Safety in the Working Field

Lloyd W. Aubry Co. is dedicated to maintaining the highest of safety standards on every project. Our regard for the health and welfare of our employees is of utmost importance. With careful attention to all company operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved we have created an A+ safety program.

Safety is our number one goal, employees at all levels include the company’s policy of maintaining a safe working environment for all workers.  This philosophy ensures the continuous improvement of our company’s performance. Adhering to all aspects of our safety program helps maintain a world class safety environment and program. Safety is a core corporate value of Lloyd W. Aubry Co, Inc.  Our Safety Policy directly reflects the company’s commitment to safety in the workplace, operations, and a positive safety culture.  This policy applies to all personnel and every aspect of the company’s activities.  It is Lloyd W. Aubry Co. Inc’s. policy to identify and comply with all applicable federal and state laws regarding workplace safety.

Lloyd W. Aubry’s Safety Policy reduces the risk of injury to personnel, to prevent accidents, minimize damage to equipment and property, and to work proactively to identify and reduce the existence of hazards and risk in the work environment. To that end, we continuously examine our operation for those hazards and find ways to minimize them. No employee is asked to compromise safety standards to “get the job done.”  We encourage hazard and incident reporting, train all personnel on safety management, and strive for continuous improvement.


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